Externally Pressurized


Weld End/Weld End



Available Styles and Options:

• Single or dual bellows

• 150# or 300# pressure ratings (with appropriate 150# or 300# drilled flanges)

• Standard T-304 SS bellows or specify 316SS, 321SS, Inco 600, or Inco 625

• Anchor base is standard on dual units and optional on single units

• Ends can be flange x flange, weld x weld, or flange x weld

*This table shows standard designs. For other movements, lengths, or sizes, contact us.

Externally Pressurized Expansion Joint – Construction


Flanges or beveled weld ends are standard.

Internal & External Guides:

Insures proper guiding of pipe inside joint.


For draining liquids or location for installing a steam trap.

Externally Pressurized

Externally pressurized expansion joints are designed for use in straight pipe runs to accomodate for high pressure and large thermal expansion and contraction. External pressure is applied to th bellow via a gap between the internal flange and housing. This keeps the bellows from becoming unstable, thus, allowing a longer bellows to be manufactured.

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