Medium Pressure Smooth Bore Hose

Temperature Range:

• Intermittent Service -100° F to 500° F (-73° C to 260° C)
• Continuous Service -65° F to 450° F (-54° C to 232° C)
• Meets or exceeds SAE 100R14 specifications.

General purpose smooth bore PTFE* hose

Smooth bore PTFE* hose of has been the universal problem solver of industry for many decades. Through a process known as cold head extrusion, tetrafluoroethylene powder is transformed into a smooth tube of PTFE.

The industry standard is U17T. It has been widely specified for an endless variety of applications including automotive, food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical. It can be found in factories, on trucks and buses, automobiles on and off road, in laboratories, in endless manufacturing situations; anywhere that the limitations of rubber, metal and synthetic hoses make PTFE hose the only solution.

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