U Loops Press Ends

Downloadable PDF: U Loops Press Ends

"U" Loop plus spool with ProPress connection





End Fitting:

Copper Press Couplings

Fitting Material:


*These values reflect the total force required to move the U-Loop its full rated movement for 150 PSI @ 70°F. All dimensions are in inches.

U Loops Press Ends


There is no “standard” hanging orientation for loops as illustrated. Up, down, sideways; these are all acceptable. If steam is the media for the application, loops should be double braided regardless the working pressure. The orientation for steam loops should be considered in such a way to avoid condensate build up. Shipping bars are included with all loops.

NSF 372 – LEAD FREE: The wetted surface of this product contacted by water contains less than one quarter of one percent (0.25%) of lead by weight. Material complies with state codes and standards where applicable, requiring reduced lead content. As in other configurations of Seismic Loops, choose from either 2″, 3″ or 4″ of motion from center-line. For steam service, EFP recommends placing the loops in either an inverted or horizontal installation when conveying steam. A drain port should also be specified for steam service. We can also add an eyelet at the 90 degree elbow to accommodate a support rod or cable.

U-Loops 2″ and larger installed in any orientation other than hanging down MUST have the return supported. (See installation instructions.)

Custom configurations available to suite your needs

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